Improve skills and motivation of your staff

Improve skills and motivation of your staff

Learning & Development

We can help improve the skills and motivation of your staff by continuous employee training and development. We have partnered with WPLC (Work Place Learning Centre) to provide training courses.

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Flexible HR solutions

Flexible HR solutions

Areas We Can Support You With

HR For Non HR Managers

A course designed to outline what HR is and go through general HR queries, polices and management of staff.

Recruitment & Interviewing Skills

Ensure effective and fair recruitment within your business and develop good communication and recruitment interviewing skills.

Handling Conflict

Understand people’s differing attitudes and behaviours. How to achieve win/win solutions.

Managing Change

The only constant is change. Managing change can be a challenge, learn how to lead people through transition.

Team Building

Develop effective new teams and improve team-working in existing teams to maximise productivity, involvement and performance.

Communication Skills

How to communicate so you are understood, actively listen and understand and use effective body language.

Managing Performance

Learn the skills you need to give regular, constructive feedback and assist motivation and productivity.

Improving Your Business

Learn how to clarify goals, plan for the future and achieve success through your people.

Conducting Effective Appraisals

Introduction of an appraisal toolkit and how best to conduct the dialogue and receive two-way feedback.

Student Support

Providing career guidance, support, CV writing techniques and interview role plays to prepare today’s students for tomorrows’ working environment

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Leadership & Management Development

What kind of leadership do people respond to and how can you improve the quality of leadership in your business. Learn through one to one coaching or through workshops.

Handling Discipline & Grievance Situations

Learn how to manage conduct and performance in a constructive, fair way that complies with UK employment law.

COVID-19 Operational Status

ReformHR continues to support current and new customers with all HR related and People requirements. If you have any query or would like to join our weekly HR clinic update via ZOOM, then please get in touch by emailing us at [email protected] . We also provide pro-bono support to anyone made redundant and offer general guidance, support and coaching.


If you manage staff, you’ll have experienced some conflict at some point. We have trained mediators who can work with your most challenging working relationships. In many scenarios, we may be able to resolve the issue early by facilitating a meeting between the staff which may only take an hour, however for more deep rooted conflict formal mediation, has a very high success rate, and is certainly significantly cheaper than a tribunal case for all parties. There is conflict in almost every workplace and having the aptitude to resolve is our expertise.