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Flexible HR Solution

HR Outsourcing

Does your business struggle to find the time to carry out its HR duties effectively? Do you lack the appropriate in-house HR expertise?

Whether you require a HR professional to cover periods of leave, to assist during peak workload times or to offer consistent on-site HR support during ad-hoc project delivery, we will ensure that you have the cover in place that you require.

We can provide you with a part time, highly experienced HR specialist who can help you think through and solve the many people issues you have right now or a consultant who can help review your people and engagement strategies and ensure productivity is high and your business thrives.

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Your trusted hr partners

Your trusted hr partners

Our Packages

Emerald (Startups)

Start up business package to help you with all employment legalities and formalities. We can help take the pressure off, provide advice, guidance and ensure you comply with local legislation.

► Access to a helpline and advice

► Support and HR service for your HR

► On-site consultancy visits

► HR Templates and Forms

► Pay As You Go Service

► Knowledge and peace of mind at the end of the phone or face-to-face

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Ruby (Mid-Size)

Your business is growing, you have 5 or more staff and you need support but without the burden and additional costs of a full-time HR team. For a fraction the cost of an in-house HR Officer/ Administrator you have a dedicated team who are on point to support with your business requirements. We work with you as you own internal HR team, provide a full framework of policies written for you, employee handbook, job descriptions and we can personally write all your HR correspondence. Our team will meet with you on a regular basis to get to know you and your business and you can call us for HR advice any time.

► Telephone Advice Support 24/7

► Template Contract Of Employment covering all Legislation Employee Handbook

► Policies and Procedures HR templates and forms Review of letters, e-mails and forms

► Dedicated number of site visits

► HR clinics

► We provide bespoke, best practice HR advice, guidance and constant support

► We will help on-board and induct new employees and help them settle into your culture

► Minimum 3 months contract

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Diamond (Enterprise)

For those businesses who have a growing need to ensure that everyone in the company is working together to achieve the overall business goals and in line with company values and objectives. Our CEO works with your leadership team to identify and write your People strategy and performance framework to ensure that everyone is performing, productivity is on a high, alongside engagement and your business thrive. We spend time in house on a regular basis delivering HR workshops and work closely with your teams as an employee the business. Imagine your own HR Director and HR team, working in house with you but  more cost effective than an HR administrator. We also provide a local HR software package to help ease the admin burden.

► Telephone Advice Support 24/7

► Unlimited calls

► HR Audit and health check

► HR Templates to include Contract of Employment

► Employee Handbook- tailored to your business

► Policies and Procedures including a Managers guide

► Unlimited Template Forms and Letters matching your company’s requirements

► Assistance with all HR matters from talent mapping, competency framework, development, engagement strategies and everything you would expect from a seasoned HR Director

► Attendance at leadership meetings to add value, guide and provide unparalleled support for employees

► Lead and support all HR aspects from talent mapping, competency framework, development, engagement strategies and everything you would expect from a seasoned HR Director

► Medical Health Insurance reviews selection and assessment

► Unlimited on-site visits and HR workshops

► Executive coaching for one senior leader

► Minimum one year contract

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Flexible HR solutions

Flexible HR solutions

Areas We Can Support You With

Retained HR Services

Your dedicated RHR HR Consultant as and when you require.
We understand employing a full-time HR Manager can be very costly especially for small to medium businesses who may not require a full-time in house team. A RHR qualified and experienced CIPD Consultant can assist you as and when you require. They will understand your business, culture, strategy and provide a full range of HR support including:

► Maintenance of legally compliant employment contracts, HR policies & procedures.
► Provide HR Management advice and guidance.
► Recruitment, selection and Induction.
► Handling of performance, absence and disciplinary issues
► Dealing with employee issues and requests.
► HR support and employment advice for managers.
► Annual performance review process.
► Training and development
► Annual pay review
► Compensation & benefits planning.
► Handling of dismissals and redundancies.
► Implementing happiness, engagement and motivational strategies.
► Any HR activity required can be provided. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Operational HR

HR Administration is required in all organisation to handle and maintain accurate records, details and conduct all necessary documentation to cover the processes of; recruitment and selection, induction, performance reviews, contracts, appraisals etc.

Our HR Support services will streamline your HR administration helping your business to become more organized, efficient and professional. From inducting new employees through to performance appraisals, Reform HR will support you through each step of the process and ensure that the correct documents and events are recorded, resulting in a more satisfied workforce.

HR Guru 24/7

Your dedicated HR Guru will provide you with all the support you require on a day-to-day basis.

You will have complete peace of mind knowing that you can contact the HR Guru anytime to go through your HR concerns, general advice, guidance or even just someone to talk to who can listen to your problems away from the work-place.

“The top three reasons cited for undertaking outsourcing are access to skills and knowledge, quality and cost reduction”

CIPD Out-sourcing Survey August 2011. Whatever you require, we will deliver a high impact, flexible service which offers value for money and brings real business benefit. To find out how we can help you save cost, get the most from your staff AND eliminate any employment risks, contact us now.

UAE Business Setup & Licence Renewals

Business Setup | Liquidation
Impartial in our partnership with all UAE jurisdictions, we always offer our clients best available options, cost effective, legal and growth accommodating company types in correct jurisdiction in all available licencing structures and all jurisdictions:

Custom | Product Registration
Reform HR is experienced in  Montaji (Dubai Municipality), MOHAP, Dubai Customs, MOCCAE and all other platforms for products  registration. Only a correct product registration and  customs filling saves you time and money.

Government Approvals
It is very exciting together with the government officials we are creating new  platforms that enable change and half the  standard process turnaround times.

Government Relations
At Reform HR, we often hear about  business that are not able to operate as  they would like, or have had  “No” to  working on a specific sector or business option.

UAE & International Visas
Our fast, reliable and cost-effective PRO  services provide business leaders with  the peace of mind that their business is  being taken care of at a governmental  level.

Offshore Company Registration
Offshore businesses are increasingly coming under international government  security, so setting up these businesses correctly at the outset is paramount.

COVID-19 Operational Status

ReformHR continues to support current and new customers with all HR related and People requirements. If you have any query or would like to join our weekly HR clinic update via ZOOM, then please get in touch by emailing us at [email protected] . We also provide pro-bono support to anyone made redundant and offer general guidance, support and coaching.


If you manage staff, you’ll have experienced some conflict at some point. We have trained mediators who can work with your most challenging working relationships. In many scenarios, we may be able to resolve the issue early by facilitating a meeting between the staff which may only take an hour, however for more deep rooted conflict formal mediation, has a very high success rate, and is certainly significantly cheaper than a tribunal case for all parties. There is conflict in almost every workplace and having the aptitude to resolve is our expertise.