Welcome to Reform Management Consultancy (RMC)

Where we passionately believe is it is the people who reform your business. These people can sometimes also cause you a great amount of ‘undue stress’. This is where we come in and relieve you from some of the routine tasks. RMC HR Consultants are specialists who help you to recruit the right calibre of candidates, manage, upport and develop the best people for your business. In providing HR Services to businesses between 5 and 150,000 people worldwide we get to the ‘root of the cause’, understand the challenges you face and what you wish to achieve. Thereafter we provide you with advice, guidance and action plans to achieve a positive and successful outcome.

We hope your experience with us is what you would expect. We welcome comments- praise where it’s due and criticism so we can learn.

  • Reduce Operational Costs

    Un-wind relax and let us concentrate on your HR and Recruitment challenges without the additional cost associated with hiring full-time HR ...

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  • Growing Organization?

    We are able to relieve you of the burden of operational tasks sometimes considered bureaucratic, to concentrate on what really matters, your company...

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  • Flexible HR when you need it

    We are flexible, friendly and realistic in our approach and will undertake a single task or support your business all the way...

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  • Reform Your Business!?

    If you are large organization and have an HR Department but can do with the additional assistance we can 'help out and then get out', leaving behind something...

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Our consultancy service operates throughout the Middle East and UK with our Head office located in Dubai.

We can help take care of all your HR requirements, allowing you to concentrate on enhancing your company's profitability and productivity. Whatever challenges you are facing, we can find a Reform solution. Please contact us today in order to obtain full details on how we can assist you.

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